Lets Eat

Breakfast Menu served all day

Kids Toast - 1 slice 50p
Adults Toast - 2 slices £1.00
Toasted Tea Cake £1.50
Toasted Crumpets £2.00
Jam Portions 15p
Butter Portion 10p
Full English Breakfast - including sausage, bacon, egg, beans, tomato & 2 slices of toast £4.50
Breakfast Barm - with a choice of two fillings: Sausage, Bacon, Egg £2.90
Extra filling 60p

Kids Meals

All served with chips or smiley faces beans or peas.
Pizza & Chips £3.85
Sausage & Chips £3.85
Chicken Nuggets & Chips £3.85
Cod Balls & Chips £3.85
Hot Dog & Chips £3.85
Veggie Nuggets & Chips £3.85

Beans on Toast £1.80
Penne Pasta £2.05
add cheese 60p

Half Jacket Potato
With Beans £2.10
With Cheese £2.30
With Beans & Cheese £2.70

Sandwiches (white or brown bread)
Jam £2.00
Cheese £2.40
Ham £2.60
Tuna £2.50
Egg Mayo £2.50
All served with crisps and cucumber

Adult Meals

All served with salad garnish with caesar dressing and coleslaw.
Sandwiches £4.10
Toastie £4.10
Panini’s £4.50
Choice of fillings: Ham, Egg Mayo, Tuna Mayo, Chicken Mayo, Cheese, Ham & Cheese, BLT, Cheese & Onion, Cheese & Tomato
Add an extra filling for 60p

Wraps £4.50
Salad filled inc. lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion.
Choice of fillings:
Southern Fried Chicken, Ham, Cheese, Tuna Mayo or Chicken Mayo
Choice of sauce:
Sweet Chilli, Sweet & Sour, Salsa, BBQ

Salads £4.50
Served with coleslaw and Caesar dressing Choice of ham, cheese, tuna, prawns or chicken mayo

Adults Jacket Potatoes £4.30
Choice of fillings: Tuna Mayo, Cheese, Beans, Beans & Cheese, Prawns, with or without sauce, Bolognese

Beef Burger or Veggie Burger - Served with salad garnish, chips and coleslaw £5.45
Add cheese or bacon for 60p each
Chicken Burger - served with chips, salad and coleslaw £5.45
7oz Battered Cod - served with Chips and Peas £5.45
Penne Pasta £4.10
add cheese 60p

Side Orders & Light Bites

Kids Chips £1.70
Adults Chips £2.50
Chip Barm £2.30
Cheesy Chips £3.10
Onion Rings £1.50
Garlic bread £1.75
2 slices of Bread & Butter 60p
Side Salad £1.50
Add Cheese 60p
Nachos - served with cheese & dip £3.10
Southern fried chicken goujons with a dip £2.30
Dips (each) 60p
Salsa, Sweet Chilli, Sweet & Sour, BBQ sauce or Coleslaw

Cold Drinks

Glass of milk 70p
Fruit shoots £1.00
Cans £1.10
Apple / orange cartons 85p
Ribena £1.20
Polar Krush £1.60
Jug of juice £1.50
Bottled water £1.20

Hot Drinks

decaf available for all coffee’s
Espresso - Concentrated coffee shot
Regular £1.85 Large £2.00
Macchiato - Concentrated coffee shot with a small amount of froth to top it off
Regular £1.85 Large £2.00
Americano - The original black coffee
Regular £1.75 Large £2.05
Cappuccino - Shot of coffee with steamed milk and half a cup of foam
Regular £2.30 Large £2.80
Latte - Milky coffee topped with froth
Regular £2.30 Large £2.80
Mochaccino - Coffee topped with delicious hot chocolate
Regular £2.80 Large £3.10

Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate
Regular £2.50 Large £2.80
Luxury Hot Chocolate - with whipped cream & marshmallows
Regular £2.95 Large £3.30
Add extra shot 70p

Tea £1.30
Decaf Tea £1.40
Herbal Tea £1.50


Baby Food
Chocolate, Crisps & Cake