Lets Eat

Breakfast Menu served all day

Kids Toast - 1 slice £1
Adults Toast - 2 slices £1.50
Toasted Tea Cake £1.75
Jam Portions 35p
Butter Portion 35p
Full English Breakfast - including sausage, bacon, egg, beans, tomato & 2 slices of toast £4.95
Breakfast Barm - with a choice of two fillings: Sausage, Bacon, Egg £3.00
Extra filling 60p

Kids Meals

It's as easy as 1-2-3 - Just £3.95
Step 1, pick one of these
Silly sausage
Chunky Chicken Nuggets
Hot Giddy Dog

Step 2, pick one of these
Tasty Waffles
Smiley Faces
Crispy Chips

Step 3, pick one of these
Yummy Garden Peas
Sweet Corn
Baked Beans
Tomato and Cucumber

Kids Extras
Kids Toast - 1 Slice £1
Beans on Toast £2
Kids Chips £2

Half Jacket Potato
With Beans £2.30
With Cheese £2.50
With Beans and Cheese £2.90

Sandwiches (white)
Jam £2.95
Cheese £2.95
Ham £2.95
Tuna £2.95
Egg Mayo £2.95
All served with crisps and cucmber

Adult Meals

All served with salad garnish and coleslaw.
Sandwiches £4.10
Toastie £4.10
Panini’s £4.70
Choice of fillings: Ham, Egg Mayo, Tuna Mayo, Cheese, Ham & Cheese, BLT, Cheese & Onion, Cheese & Tomato
Add an extra filling for 60p

Wraps £4.50
Salad filled including: lettuce, tomato, cucumber & onion.
Choice of fillings:
Southern Fried Chicken, Ham, Cheese, Tuna Mayo
Choice of sauce:
Sweet Chilli, BBQ & Garlic Mayo

Salads £4.70
Served with coleslaw. Choice of ham, cheese, tuna

Adults Jacket Potatoes £4.30
Choice of fillings: Tuna Mayo, Cheese, Beans.

Beef Burger or Veggie Burger - Served with salad garnish, chips and coleslaw £5.45
Add cheese or bacon for 60p each
Chicken Burger - served with chips, salad and coleslaw £5.45

Light Bites

Adults Chips £2.70
Chip Barm £3.00
Cheesy Chips £3.20
Onion Rings (6) £1.70
Garlic Bread (3) £2.00
Garlic Mushrooms (6) with mayo £2.40
2 slices of Bread & Butter 70p
Side Salad £1.50
Add Cheese 60p
Southern fried chicken goujons with a dip (3) £2.95
Additional Dips (each) 60p
Salsa, Sweet Chilli, BBQ sauce or Garlic Mayo.

Cold Drinks

Glass of milk 70p
Fruit shoots £1.10
Cans £1.20
Fruit cartons 85p
Polar Krush (Regular) £2.50
Polar Krush (Paw cups) £3.50
Jug of juice £2.00
Bottled water £1.20

Hot Drinks

Add syrup 50p per shot.
Espresso - Concentrated coffee shot £2.25
Macchiato - Concentrated coffee shot with a small amount of froth to top it off £2.25
Americano - The original black coffee £2.50
Cappuccino - Shot of coffee with steamed milk and half a cup of foam £2.95
Latte - Milky coffee topped with froth £2.95
Mochaccino - Coffee topped with delicious hot chocolate £3.25

Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate £2.95
Luxury Hot Chocolate - with whipped cream & marshmallows £3.50

Tea £1.70
Herbal Tea £2.00


Baby Food
Chocolate, Crisps & Cake